Debugging other software and coding my own.

I wrote an article today. I turned on my windows laptop attached to my Yiynova tablet monitor. There is a piece of software called Mypaint. I really like the way it works. I usually use Mypaint on Linux but since the Yiynova does not play well with Linux I am resigned to using Windows 10. Windows 7 did not work with it either. I figured I would give Mypaint another shot. The last time I used it when I made a stroke on the tablet the stroke did not line up with the pen. I was surprised that now the offset problem was fixed. I did not get a new version of Mypaint. The only difference was that Windows had been updated since the last time I used Mypaint. Now the the stroke was showing in the right place but then I noticed that it was drawing unwanted lines. I could lift the pen off the tablet and place it down elsewhere and the program would draw a straight line to the new point. Anyway that is all in the article.

I did some more work on the Fuzzawasit game by adding code for the dog to track Fuzzawasit.  You can test it out here.


Since the dog stopped on something it had to jump to get on it keeps jumping.