Mypaint workaround for unwanted lines.

Mypaint unwanted lines

The Mypaint software can be found here.

I started up Mypaint on a windows laptop with my Yiynova tablet monitor. I remember the last time I ran it I had a problem with the offset. When using the pen the strokes would show up off to the side. This time that problem was gone. The only difference was updates to Windows 10. But, now I noticed that when I tried to draw, I would lift the pen and place it down elsewhere Mypaint would draw a light line between the last place and the new. Here is an example of the unwanted lines, this all should be separated curved strokes.

I did some some searching and found there were others with the same or similar problem. I really like Mypaint but with the unwanted lines this was going to make it unusable. I kept using the pen when it dawned on me that it was if the pressure of the pen was not zeroing out. The unwanted line being drawn was much lighter than normal. I checked the driver for my monitor but it only had the ability to test the pressure sensitivity. So I dug around the menus in Mypaint and found the global pressure setting.
To get Mypaint to be usable I did the following.


From the drop down menu, select edit, then edit preferences.

This will display a tabbed interface. It should be on the first tab, which is the one you want.

What I did was add an additional point by clicking and holding on the line in the first column. I picked about 7/8 over and dragged this down to zero. While I was there I also changed my pressure map to something I prefer.

Then I tried the pen again and as you can see the unwanted lines are gone.

There is an occasional unwanted line but that is something I can live with, it depends on the pressure and speed of strokes. You can experiment with what works for you.