Fictional AI Eggs

Started Great Courses – Writing Great Fiction

Python Artificial Intelligence Projects for Beginners
a video course. Humble Bundle a while back.
I am hoping that a beginner at AI

It will use Scikit-learn
I watched 1.1 The Course Overview and 1.2 Classification Overview and Evaluation Techniques

Then I installed the required python packages NumPy and SciPy. I then installed the Scikit-learn.

Started reading The DC Guide to Creating Comics Inside the Art of Visual Story Telling by Carl Potts. I figure since I already read Drawing Comics the Marvel Way, I should give DC equal time.

I checked and it looks like I lost the 3D Blender model I did yesterday. Only saved the render instead of the whole project.

Major accomplishment of the day. I bought a dozen eggs and got them home without breaking.
I brought them home on my bicycle in panniers. There were a lot of bumps. I thought I would just have a bag full of scrambled eggs and a carton.