Is this a sign of the end times?

I took today’s picture when I returned from getting groceries. My neighbor has a pine tree and this is a pine cone standing on end. Maybe it’s not the end times, but a pine cone on end.


I saw a youtube video from Blender showing the use of a function called Grease Pencil in version 2.8. I had downloaded 2.8 last week so i decided I would follow along and make a 2D animation. I was well on my way the whole thing went boop! Blender 2.8 is still in alpha so I was not that surprised but I did lose all the work. I then switched to 2.79 and continued with the Udemy Blender course. This portion introduced cycles rendering and how to optimize Blender cycles for your computer. It turns out that my graphics card rendering is about 3 times faster than the 8 core CPU. I am glad I bought a new card a couple months back, I am guessing that the old one would have been on par with the CPU. To optimize it I had to render the same image about 15 times using different settings.


I watched lecture twelve of the Change and Motion Great Course.

I finished Mitch Byrd’s Notes to Draw From. Mitch Byrd has his own style.The examples and illustrations were draw in pencil. it ran about a hundred pages. It is not a step by step type of book but more of advice on where to spend your time working on your own skills. This book was put out by Blue Line Pro, they also produce Sketch Magazine.