Nutty Navy Submarine

When I was kid for Christmas one year not sure which one early 70’s I got a submarine toy. My brother got a ship, I am pretty sure his was the battleship. Over the years the toy broke and eventually all the pieces were gone. After taking the Blender course I decided I would model the toy. The first problem was getting reference. I could not remember the name of the toy.  All I had to go on was that is was green and purple and it took batteries. Eventually I was able to find an image of it. It turned out to be the Remco Nutty Navy Submarine. I was able to get enough pictures to get a good idea of the details. It has taken a bit of time and I  have learned quite a bit. So here is a video of creating all the parts. You will see some things change back and forward as I figured stuff out. If you look at the white piece you can see how it when from looking like something that was crumpled together to looking much smoother. I sculpted the head and used some of what I learned from the course to use a lower resolution model with a bump map.

I decide to up the level of the mesh for the head as I was getting some bad effects from the low poly mesh.

You can see the jagged edged of the helmet on the left version.

I took the finished model and made a quick animation, about 7 seconds. It took around 2.5 hours to render.