Backup there.


If you have not backed up your data lately now would be a good time to do it. I figured that all the work I have been doing in Blender exists only on a single hard drive. Today I pulled out my 3 TB drive and started backing up stuff.  While copying some files I decided to go ahead and run the Ubuntu software updates. Of course something crashed. Not the data copying but the Nvidia drivers. It turns out the latest updates to the Linux kernel conflicts with the graphics driver. The computer still worked was down to only one of my two monitors. After some digging I found that I needed to add HWE to my system. HWE is a HardWare Enabled kernel. This type of kernel is more up to date in regards to drivers. So once I enabled it I rebooted and was back to two screens. I then continued on with backing up my data. I even backed up all the videos I created for youtube.

So go ahead and back up your data. The best time to do it is before you need it.



I watched a few more lectures in the Blender Character Rigging course and figured I should to one of the challenges as it seems it will be used later. I created a quick eyeball.

I then did some work for my train world. I created a little blue car.

I will add it to the world and animate.