Day 2 – Oh deer!

If you get a chance check out this post from Bill Gates.

Also to put your life in perspective check out this link

I did some more of the GoLang tutorial – Web foundations,HTTP forms and Database. I was able to create an sqlite3 database which is what I intend to use for my DVD database.  I also did the next lecture on Science of Mindfulness and the next two lectures on the Elements of Jazz.

I switched to my Samsung Tablet today to draw something. I decided to play around with an app called Sketcher PRO. It has some interesting brushes that sometimes are hard to figure out what they will do. Here is an example of some of the brush results.

Sketcher PRO example brush strokes
Sketcher PRO examples


So here is a quick drawing I did trying to use a few different brushes.


2 Comments on “Day 2 – Oh deer!”

  1. Gary – I look at the brush-stroke examples and see nice patterns. You, however, combine those examples into something recognizable and interesting. Talent (plus skill).
    I voted on the codemash site. I went way over the limit on each and had to scale them back. Should be a good one (again).
    Hey — is that deer at Wildwood?

    Missing you here. Wish we were there. 🙂

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