Wednesday means its leg day.

So today, when bouncing from one article to another I came across a software program that takes a raster image and converts it to an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file. The program is a called primitive and can be found at Primitive. It coincidently is written in Go.  So the featured image is one I converted using primitive. Unfortunately, I cannot upload an svg image into WordPress so I can’t show you that. I think primitive creates interesting output. I mainly used the default output, but you can change the objects from triangles to rectangles, ellipsis and other primitives. You can even output an animated gif of the output being created. Here is an example,

animated me
animated gif of me being generated in primitive

After playing with primitive I continued my work on learning more Go. It included Data Storage and Sessions as well as Text files including XML and JSON. Looks like I will be able to create a web service with JSON that at some point I will consume with an Android App. I viewed the next lecture in the Science of Mindfulness and another on Elements of Jazz – The Swing Era.

I also re-started the book “The Essential Blender” edited by Roland Hess. I saw him talk at Ohio Linux Fest several years ago. I made it two chapters in today.

I finished today with another doodle, this time in Infinite Painter on the Samsung Tablet.

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  1. Catching up on your activities now 🙂
    Is there any specific reason you preferred to go with GoLang as web application over Python? I will wait and see which one you’d prefer after you finish GoLang.

  2. I am looking at Go because it is a self contained compiled application. I don’t need a separate app or web server. I also think it may fit nice into docker or some other container.

  3. That sounds great. Wonder how community support is for Go presently. Just in case you get stuck or need to perform additional quirks.

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