Another Leg Day

Wednesday’s have been my leg workout day for several years now, which means that Thursday and Friday I get to be sore. So, today I did more work on the dvd website. I added a go template to the home page to display the number of titles in the collection and the last ten additions. I ran into a problem with doubled list items, which I thought I had not set up the template range correctly, but, it turns out that it helps to end a <li> with a </li>, I had another <li>. Chrome so conveniently decided that rather than throw an error it would put the </li> tags in for me. What complicated my finding the problem was that I discovered the homepage was being fired twice. Again Chrome decided that it had to have the favicon.ico. Since I did not have a handler for /favicon.ico it defaulted to the root of the website – the homepage. I added a handler for the favicon.ico and it still took me a while to figure out the <li> closing tag. It was if the list had two <li> tags for each item – as if.

So once I got that sorted out I then did a couple more Great Courses lectures and then later worked on some blender. The blender book I am using, for each chapter has a hands on tutorial followed by a discussion.  I decided to read the discussion first and then do the tutorial, it worked much better at least having some kind of inkling of what I was doing. Here is the result of the Multi-mesh modeling.

Monster head – mult-mesh modeling.