Yeti Bears

It looks like that the Yeti may turn out to be a rare species of bear, the Yeti Bear

On another note, if you find your computer is running slow at times, there’s a new culprit. It looks like there are sites that will hijack your web browser and mine for crypto-currency.  It appears to only affect Windows for now, but will probably spread. Check out this at ars-technica Cryptomining.

Today I did some detail design  of the main page for the dvd collection and started to style it.  I continued with another couple of lectures from Great Courses and finished with some more training on blender. Here is the results of the character animation so far.

blender character animation.

It still needs some vertical animation but so far its not too bad. I tried to render the animation and blender got stuck and I lost the whole thing and had to animate it all over again. The second time took about 15 minutes while the first took about an hour and a half. The character is a model that was already rigged and provided by the books example. I just had to animate the legs and arms.