The blinking mind

It looks like the mind itself may “blink”. Vanderbilt blinking mind study. I wonder if this is how magician’s are able to fool people.

I found out that the website that provides a complete listing of dvds is having trouble generating the csv files. They are able to create an excel version with 5 tabs and an html version.  Today I wrote an extract program that can take the html file and output a file that looks like the csv file I was expecting. I went around in circles and wrote code to use go structures but found out that the csv writer does not support writing structures. Which is weird as the golang docs says it does. Anyway I was able to generate a csv file using the new dvd html list (which is a nice size for testing) and use the import function I wrote earlier to import the csv into the sqlite3 database. Woo Hoo!

I watched another couple of lectures from great courses and worked an on line tutorial in blender. The CD that come with the book “The Essential Blender” was broken.  I was able to get some of the files but other were inaccessible. I ordered a new version of the book for about $9. It will come sometime in the next week or so. I found a tutorial by the same guy that wrote the Chapter I was just getting to. The book chapter is about rigging an already existing model. The tutorial includes creating the model. So this is as far as I got today.

blender model so far.