Whoa, that took some time.

This looks like an interesting show coming from Netflix in February . Altered Carbon. (youtube trailer)

Check out this ADAM: Episode 1 a youtube video rendered in the video game engine Unity.

Today I loaded the csv file I generated yesterday. It took over an hour to load. I should have done a count of the records but considering that the file is 57 MB, I am guessing the number of rows is quite high. I think since this load will only take place every few months this should not be a problem. If it does become a problem, I will write a command line script to do CSV import to sqlite3.  Now that I had the complete dvdlist I wrote the code to lookup a dvd by title and by upc. I decided to include the upc because a while back I bought an Esky ES014 wireless scanner.

Esky ES0014 wireless scanner.

This scanner was a lightning deal at Amazon for about $12. I tested out the scanner on the page and discovered that it was dropping digits. This also brought to light I had not yet considered an empty recordset returned. Some digging through some forums I found that this was a problem for this scanner with Mac OS and the user manual had a barcode to scan to solve the problem. Since I am running linux I figured that that Mac OS is BSD based and similar to linux, I would give that setting a shot. It worked. I added and empty recordset check and returned no titles found.

I again watched a couple of Great Courses lectures. I then moved on to more Blender training. I continued the tutorial I started yesterday and this is what I have so far.

Blender tutorial results day 2.