Made it to Wildwood Preserve today.  Took a long walk. It was about 20 degrees and wound up going farther then I had intended. I am not familiar with paths and did not thing to get a map before trudging out. I got some pictures so they will be showing up on here from time to time.

45 Years ago the last mission to the moon was happening. You can check it out in real time at Apollo 17 Real-Time Mission Experience. It has pictures, transcripts, audio and video that was collected.

I did more programming in Go for the manual entry of DVD data. The DVD list data had changed the IDs they were using so I had to update my collection with the new IDs. This was easy since I have a UPC column.  I watched some more lectures and continued on with the blender tutorial. I finished rigging the model. Rigging is when you create an armature and then map it to the model. Here are a couple renders now that I could pose the whole model.

Fully rigged model posed.
Another pose of the fully rigged model.