Tulip Coin.

Bitcoin Tulips

So Steam announced they are no longer accepting bitcoin No more bit coin for Steam. So we have a cryptocurrency  that is not really used as a currency because of the high transaction costs. It may be used by those who are unfortunate to get their computer compromised and encrypted by bad guys. This bitcoin has all the hallmarks of a bubble. You may have read someone mention the tulip bubble. What’s interesting is the similarity with the “The Tulipmania” of the mid 1600’s.  Check out Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds Book by Charles Mackay Tulipmania. The book is from 1859 and is available at Project Gutenberg. So back in the 1600’s people liked tulips. They would grow them in their gardens and appreciate their beauty. Because people valued their beauty the demand for tulip seeds grew. But then other people noticed that the demand for the seeds grew and the asking price grew they started to but the seeds as an investment. So after awhile it did not make sense to grow tulips for their beauty but to hold on to the seeds as their perceived value soared. Some seeds at one point were selling for more than 1000 pounds of cheese. That’s a lot of mac n cheese. But then eventually as with bubbles someone somewhere decided that the price got too high and the bottom fell out of the tulip speculation market. With bitcoin you may feel like FOMO (Fear of missing out) but since bitcoin is not being used as intended but more valued because it is valued then it is a matter of time before the bottom falls out. I for one years ago did not see the point of wasting electricity to “mine” the coins, I still don’t see the point now.

Nerding out.

As for today I wrote the code to do the dvd add and tested it. Then I decided to nerd out. I watched a youtube video a couple of days ago about using Amazon Echo to control a wifi enabled micro controller.  I found a place to order some controllers and then I found that I had already bought something similar. So I checked my supply and found one of the controllers. It was not the same model as in the video but I figured “Hey, I might get this to work.” I then figured out my install of the Arduino Sketchbook was old and installed the latest. This allowed me to add on the libraries for the Fauxmo project. Fauxmo makes a device look like a Wemo. Wemo can be controlled by “Alexa”. So after some finagling I figured out what board to use in the sketch I was able to upload to the controller. It did not work. I checked the admin for my router and it was not pulling an address from DHCP. I then double checked the credentials for my wireless and sure enough I had misspelled my password. Once corrected it worked.

So I can use an Echo to turn on an LED.  If you can turn on an LED you can turn on a relay. If you can turn on a relay you can control the world!

Well, maybe not the world but you can turn on lights or motors.

I did a couple more Great Courses lectures and then more Blender training. I continued the tutorial from the previous couple of days and was able to “rig” and apply materials to the model. Here is my posed model. It is only half rigged and the hips on down have not yet been rigged.

Half rigged model.