Call it done – the website that is.

I am calling the website done for now. It has all the basic functionality I need. Some time in the future I will add a delete function and some javascript client side functions to aid in entering the manual items. I now am going to figure out how to set up the website in docker.

I watched another couple of lectures from Great Courses.

I then completed the on line blender tutorial I have been working on. I linked the facial shapes with the walking animation. Here is the completed animation as an gif. The character even blinks.

Animated character mouthing Hello World and waving while walking.

Here is the same animation but with sound.


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  1. just thinking about you. Nancy told me how to get to your website. hope you are enjoying your time, I’m sure you are. last week April Kilian announced her retirement

  2. Hey Paul,
    I am really enjoying learning to use Blender to make 3D models and animation. How are you getting along without me to bug you in the mornings.

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