Up and Running Docker image on Server

Turns out the problem was not a coding issue, but most likely introduced when I ran an update query to reset the DVD_ID since the source data list changed ids. The ones that did not match were then set to null, which caused the server to fail on the null ids.
I corrected this by running update queries and treating these rows and manually updated and set the DVD_ID manually. There were only 14 rows I ran separate update queries. This was more of a data conversion issue. As long as the dvd list does not change the ID column this should not be an ongoing problem.

So I went to install docker on the server and ran into a full boot partition. After manually removing old kernels I was finally able to get docker installed. Then it was just a matter of saving the image from may laptop and loading into docker. The site came up without a hitch.

I continued with another Great Courses lecture.

I watched a blender tutorial on sculpting and tried to create a 3D model of Elf on the Run. I will need to add eyes and armature. I will also need to figure out how to paint it.

3D Elf on the run model