Day after Christmas

Today I decided to start investigating WebAssembly.  I found a tutorial and started installing the requirements. This took quite a while once I realized that the second step had failed but I did not see the error because the script just continued on and scrolled the error off the screen. I updated the system and then got that step working which involved recompiling a Emscriptem.  While this was compiling I decided to look into WebGL.  It took about 200 lines of javascript to render a white square on a black background.  This could have been done in a lot fewer lines using 2D techniques. It looks like it this is the base code to display 3D objects. So hopefully going forward the scene will look better with 3D objects. Once the  Emscriptem was compiled and working by testing the emcc command so I could get an error. I continued with the tutorial. The idea behind WebAssembly is to take C/C++ code and convert it to a bytecode that can be used by browsers as a type of assembly. The code will then run a near native speeds. This may be the programs are delivered in the future. A web browser that supports WebAssembly will be able to deliver games and applications without the need to be compiled for a specific platform.

Oh yeah the word for today is Texel. (wikipedia entry)

I watched another Great Courses lecture and continued on with Blender.

I worked on a tutorial to make fireworks. I think I may be able to tweak it to make it look more like fireworks but this is the result so far.

Animated GIF of fireworks rendered in Blender