Still pretty cold out.

Today I continued with the WebAssembly tutorial. I find it interesting but I do not at the moment have a use case for it. If you have a need for heavy processing on the client end in a browser this would help considerably. This will be useful for video games and high power applications served in a browser. I can see how this will become the way to distribute programs without the need to create separate versions for different platforms. As long as the browser supports WebAssembly then as a software company you would be good to go.

I also continued with the WebGL. I was able to generate a square with colored gradient from each corner and then get it to rotate. I checked and it looks like the next step is to actually go to 3 dimensions.

I watched another Great Course lecture and started a course from Udemy.

The Udemy course is on an Android app called Infinite Painter. I learned a couple of techniques that should come in handy.

Here is the results of the tutorial so far.

Digital painting using smudging for shading.
Digital painting using an airbrush for shading.