CodeMash App Done and it’s for the birds.

From the department of “I don’t know what I’m doing”

I wrote a basic Android App that consumes an API from CodeMash.
Here is what the screen looks like.

App Screen showing session times.

If you press the test button, it replaces the database if the setting for test is on. If you press the load button it will call the api an then take the JSON and insert into SQLite database. From there clicking the Day buttons will select the day and display all the session ranges for that day. Then clicking the session range the app displays all the session titles for that range along with the room and the abstract.

App screen showing session details.


From the dept of “I am trying to learn.”

I continued with a Udemy course on Infinite Painter Drawing on Android Using Infinite Painter.  This session covered layered. Here is what was covered.  His bird looked a cuter, mine looks like it lifts weights.

Bird produced during Udemy course.