Vic-20 Bitmap Drawings

I went back and converted the analog cassette tapes to digital format for the VICE Vic-20 emulator. I figured out that I had been trying to load character sets as programs. It turns out it is hard to remember what you were doing over 30 years ago. Once I got tape 1 converted I then ran into a problem of getting it to run.  I could drag and drop a .prg file into VICE but some of the program required loading a second part. I will show that tomorrow. For today I found a set of files that I converted to a .tap file. These were drawings I did using a Vic-20 cartridge “Commodore Artist”. I still have the cart and found a version I could download. Using that I was able to load digital drawing I did over 30 years ago.

Here are some of the drawings I was  able to pull off tape.

Digital drawing on the Vic-20