57 degrees today

It may have been overcast but 57 degrees Fahrenheit in January. I will take that. I  went for a long walk and then took the time to wash may car.

I worked on creating a video of my experience with a “Learn to Solder” kit.  Almost 14 years ago I bought a kit from Carl’s Electronics. Actually I bought two kits one was the learn to solder and the other was a 10wx10w amplifier. I think I had wanted to make an audio system for my motorcycle but like so many things I just never had (made) the time for it. I got the learn to solder kit because I never really learned the proper way to solder.  I figured I would do the learn kit followed by the actual amplifier kit. Now 14 ish years later I don’t need the amplifier for the motorcycle since in the mean time I found a whole system for the motorcycle. But I may have a need for an audio amplifier for a “Monkey Gun” more on that later if it comes to fruition.  I recorded a video and am currently trying to encode into something I can upload to youtube.

Here are some photos of the learn to solder kit. It is still available but $5 cheaper at Carl’s Electronics Learn to Solder kit.

I am currently uploading a video to Youtube, I will post a link tomorrow.