Epic Pooh

I started the day off reading a critique of fantasy authors by Michael Moorcock. It is called Epic Pooh. I first read books by Michael Moorcock decades ago. He created a character called Elric. Elric has a black sword called stormbringer.  The interesting thing about Elric is that he spans multiple universes. Elric will have vague memories or flashes of previous lives. I have an collection of books that I bought years ago, I will have to read them and see how Moorcock holds up over the years. I recently re-read a novel called “Mute” by Piers Anthony. It did not hold up so well. The first time I read it I was a teenager. When you are young (not obvious at the time) you have not been exposed to that many stories. So something that catches you at the time as “wow” now decades later is something that you have seen a hundred times. The older me thought that the device he used was really a cop out. Pier Anthony took the characters and moved them forward in time with no memory of how they got there. Then spends the next two thirds of the book revealing details.

Echo Echo Echo

I worked on an Alexa Skill. I had to think about how the Amazon Echo handles the skill request. Basically it communicates through JSON. It dawned on me that I was trying to think about it as a app but really you have to think about it as a webservice. Now it all clicked, I made progress in creating the skill and then in the process also figureed out a different way of handling my data. I decided to write it in python. Python has the ability to take an array and slice it. Which is exactly what I need. Then I should be able to take the slice use the join and have a string to pass to alexa to speak.


I finished my work on the Learn to Solder kit. I completed a smoke test and it passed. I did find that I had put the wrong resistor in one place. It made the siren sound a little off, but I was found out that it is not fun to desolder stuff.