Alexa Resta

I continued working on my Alexa Skill. It is ready for testing. I have not gone into details about it as I intend to publish it as a public skill. I am going to use it myself for about a week testing it daily. I used the skill today and it worked pretty well. There was one point where Alexa did not register my response or I was late (which is more likely) . The way I have the skill set up Alexa is a task master and kept me on point.

I updated a few systems and reviewed the contents of some external hard drives. I will at some point have to take inventory on how many I have.

On a side note I finished watching a TV series on Netflix called “The Indian Detective”

It it a fish out of water story about a Toronto cop that goes to India to be with his father and gets caught up in a mystery. It is four episodes. I was surprised when I got to the end as I was expecting at least ten episodes.. Some of the acting is better than other but overall I liked it. If you get a chance to view it let me know what you think