TMP,RGB, shifty registers and ohm my.

I did not post yesterday. I did some system debugging I am working on setting up and I put together a 12V fan to pull the smoke from soldering away from my face. It seems to flow right up my nose. I also went to lunch for a couple a people I worked with who were let go from LZB. You would think with decades of service by each of them that there would have been some La-Z-boy recognition, but there wasn’t.

So today I worked mainly on digital camera and Arduino. The camera has decided to stop focusing. I went for a walk the other day and most of my photos were useless. I messed with it a bit including re-initializing it. It seems to focus sometimes and not others. This is the third digital camera that has failed me in the last couple of years. One I had for several years and really liked but started to introduce horizontal lines. The second was a nice FujiFilm that would act like it would start but then blip. The latest was a Sony Cybershot. It was a nice small camera with 8x zoom. Now it won’t focus. It seems to be stuck an infinity. I can use my phone for photos like that. I have not decided, if I am going to get a new one. For now I pulled the battery in hopes that it might reset something. We shall see.

Today I got my shipment of electronic components.

There are some TMP36s RBG LEDs, 330 ohm resistors and a tube of 74HC595 shift registers. The temperature sensor was for my Arduino kit exercises I have been doing.  The other parts are for a couple of creative projects I have in mind. Those will be posted when I get started on them which will happen after I figure out some details. Since I now had the TMP36 I was able to continue on some more Arduino exercises.

The featured picture was taken by the camera that can’t properly focus, I guess it can still take some interesting stuff.