Hard Disk Cleanup

After having tried so many different development projects I found that one in particular the emscripten, wound up using about 25 GB of disk space. I had only used it to follow a tutorial on webassembly. I tried to offload the folder to an external drive but it balked when it hit the system links. Apparently the file system did not support them. I do want to get back to the webassembly and it took quite a while to get it set up, so I did not want to just blast it if I could avoid it. It then dawned on me, that I could tar and gzip it. When gzipped it was only 8GB in a single file , no system links. Now I could copy it to my external drive and free up the drive.


I upgraded my router. I have been having problems with my router so a while back I bought a refurb model and finally got around to installing it once my laptop lost connectivity one too many times. I give it the same ssid and password so that I didn’t have to update all the wireless devices. The new router is more powerful and has more features, including a separate 5.8Ghz band. Sweet.


I finished all the exercises for the Arduino kit I have. I then found the TMP36 that came with the kit. It was with the other IC. Oh well, now I have 6 temperature sensors. I then dug up an clone of an Arduino Nano. After wiring up the breadboard to do some work with a RGB LED I found I could not load the sketch from the Arduino IDE. It is possible that I need to load the boot loader so that will be a project for another day. I may have to take my Arduino Uno and use it to burn the boot loader to the nano.  I have some clones Arduino Uno that I will need to check if they have the boot loader. If so I would rather use one of them than mess with the one from the starter kit.

VCV Rack
Open-source virtual modular synthesizer

It is available for Windows,Mac and Linux.

Here is a mess of a Electro Beat I did messing with VCV Rack. It kind of reminds me of the beginning of Spirit in the Sky.