My projects


I have a creative project involving an Arduino and an RGB LED. I have a nano which is a smaller version. I wired up a breadboard for the nano to drive the LED. I tried to upload the test program and it failed. After some checking around the error was most likely caused by not having bootloader installed. I found and instructables How to Burn a Bootloader to Clone Arduino Nano 3.0. This was a little vague to me. I then found on the Arduino site – Arduino as ISP and Arduino Bootloaders. This made more sense, plus it had a setup with LEDs for monitoring the burn.

The nano I have did not have headers for the ICSP so, I temporarily solders some connectors. Resulting in this freaky thing.


I then hooked up another Arduino as the programmer and burned the bootloader.


I tried to catch the process but by the time I had my camera ready the process had completed successfully.

Now I could rewire the nano to the RGB LED and produce some varying colors

Now I can start programming the color light show I want, once I figure out what that will be.

Getting ready for an Electronics course.

I plan on doing the Great Courses Understanding Modern Electronics.  I had already viewed it but did not have the tools to do the exercises. Two things I would need is an oscilloscope and a signal generator. I bought two kits one of each.

I started soldering the parts to an oscilloscope kit. This is what the kit looks like now. I solder a connector, some switches and a mess resistors. The middle board is the main oscilloscope and the left board is the analog board. I am glad I bought the version with the surface mount soldered parts already installed. The two boards will end up in the case to the left. The oscilloscope is powered and functioning. It still needs the analog board and other connectors to be added.