I finished soldering and assembling the oscilloscope.  It turns out that it has a test mode to feed a signal. There were some really small points to solder but it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. The hard part was finding a 9 volt power supply that was actually 9 volts. I had a couple that said they were but when I checked the output it was closer to 13 volts.


I also did some programming of the Nano to control the RGB LED. Here is what it looks like. I found a site to generate music. I will do a post about that later after I actually learn how to use it.  I will next add a momentary switch so it can switch between modes. Right now it starts with a white and then switches to a loop of going from Red,Orange,Yellow,Green, Blue, Indigo? and Violet then back again for 3 times. It then runs from 0 to 255 Red, followed by 0 to 255 Green. Followed by 0-255 Blue. It then finishes with a loop of 10 random colors.