ShotCut and What time is it?

I found out about a cross platform free video editor called Shotcut  here is the link Shotcut Video Editor 

This editor is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. I usually use Openshot and thought why not check it out. Linux support a thing called snaps. Snaps are containers for applications that contain their own dependencies, and they update automatically.

When I opened Shotcut, it was not intuitive. I watched a quick tutorial and got up an running pretty quickly. After editing some video, I found that it is much more capable than Openshot. It allows you to create titles and overlays in HTML. It has plenty of filters. It did crash on my once but I tried to do something strange. Openshot would crash on me if I made too many cuts. Shotcut was able to recover from where I had left off. I was surprised, I thought I would have to start over.

I continued on with soldering projects today I started a digital clock kit.



Here is the kit after completing the soldering. I will next have to assemble the case and set the time as well as test the alarm and the relay.