3D and IRL

Today I spent a good bit of time with tech support for my web host. They had to go up two levels of support to get it fixed but they did.

I also spent some time getting the settings and recalibrating my 3D printer. I have been keeping an old laptop around because the 3D slicing software Cura would crash under 64bit Linux. I downloaded the latest version and it does not crash. I did have to transfer the settings from the old laptop. The recommended temperature was too high and the speed was too fast. It also was defaulting to a brim instead of a raft. A brim is a layer of extruded material that surrounds the item being printed. A raft is a couple of layers criss-crossed that the item prints on top. I found that the brim was too hard to remove a print. In fact the bottom of one print partially separated from the model. I had printed that model upside down to reduce the amount of support structure being printed. I wound up redesigning the piece so that it did not need any support.

I used a piece of software called FreeCAD. I found I could use primitive objects like spheres and cylinders to create version 1. I could subtract an object from another or join them.

Version 1 of my Globe Base.

Here is the design of the second version.

Version 2 of my Globe Base.

Here are the models after printing.

Side view of globe bases.
3/4 view of printed globe bases.


I felt that version 1 looked a little clunky. Version 2 looks a little better. Next I will need to design a piece to mount a Arduino Nano and the RGB LED.