Yesterday I spent a good bit of time going through stuff and organizing. I came across my old guitar amplifier and hooked up a guitar and it sounded awful. It was I guess its called blurping?  The speaker had seen better days. I took a screw driver to the case and disassembled it. I looked at the circuit board and nothing stood out. I do not have a schematic for it so that was about all I could do.  I looked into replacement speakers but they are too expensive for what this old amp is worth. I did find a youtube video about rejuvenating old speakers. It said to use contact cement around the top of the speaker. I didn’t have contact cement but I did have rubber cement. I put the rubber cement around the edge and then came back and tested it after it dried. The blurping was reduced considerably and would only present when the master volume was high. So now I have a working amp.

Exterminator GA12 Guitar Amplifier.
Who has the skills

I have another idea for an Amazon Echo Skill. It involves creating a calendar, so I spent a good bit of time writing a python script to generate the data I will need. Once I have the skill working I will do an article on it.

Oh Yeah time to Computer Geek Out!

There is a youtube channel called Computerphile. This is a good source for computer history. Today they posted one about the EDSAC.  This is an early digital computer. What is cool is that they have a simulator you can download and write/run code on. The simulator can be found at Edsac Simulator.

Programmer tip of the day.

If you want a function to execute its code, call it.