I forgot to give this a title – so the title is …. I got nothing.

Today I worked some more on my python script for the new Amazon Echo Skill I am going to create. I took the info I generated yesterday and completed the core functionality.  Next step is to move this code to a Lambda on Amazon AWS.

Today I also came across the VIC 20 user and programmer guides. But while doing that I also came across my HP ScanJet 4670. Oooohh. I know you’re jealous. All right you don’t know what that is. It is a scanner that you can see through. You can place it on items larger than most scanners and scan them in multiple segments. Later you can stitch them together. I have used this in the past to scan canvases of painting I have done. I would like to use it again but the only drivers for it are for Window XP. I have now given myself the task of creating a VM of XP and see if I can pass the USB to it and scan using the HP.  I have the install disks for XP and the SP3. Armed with both of them I hope to create  VM on my old laptop (it has a built in dvd drive) and then move it over to my main laptop.