XP points

The scanner I have the HP Scanjet 4600 does not have drivers beyond XP.  It was fairly expensive when I bought it and still works. I have an old netbook I had kept because it could dual boot to XP. Not the idea size screen for scanning. I decided to see if I could get the scanner working in a VM. I installed Windows XP on VirtualBox. I then installed the HP software and drivers. I tested it out and this is the scan I got out of it.

Scan of drawings

It was not a perfect scan since the spiral binding pushed the sketchbook away from the surface of the scanner. I has installed the VM on a test laptop. I then exported the VM as an appliance and then imported into my main laptop. Of course nothing can be easy and the USB was not working. After some digging, I updated the VirtualBox and installed the Extras. It still did not recognize USB. I then after a bit, I rebooted the laptop. The USB was now found.

Drawing of Mark Twain

I did this drawing a few years ago.

Here is the scanner.

It can be taken out of the holder and used flush against larger items. A lot of the guesswork of lining things up is removed since you can see through it.

I also watched another Modern Electronics lecture and then did two exercises since I had misnamed them.

animated gif of circuit done on falstad.com

Not exactly the way it is supposed to turn out, I am still learning the interface. I am using falstad circuits just to make it harder on myself. The bottom scopes line up with the top two and then the bottom one.