iRiver E100 Headphone jack repair.

Today I worked on an idea I had. I have an iRiver E100 MP3 player. I stopped using it because the headphone jack stopped working. I had an old phone with a jack so I thought I might be able to replace the jack in the E100 with one from the phone. That did not work because as I had figured the jacks were not compatible. But what I did figure out was that the jack was corroded. I cleaned the jack and that made it so one of the channels would play. On closer inspection I found that the jack itself had pulled away from the board. I then decided that I would try to fix it with a little wire and some hot glue.

Here is the results of soldering a small wire to from the jack connector to a small exposed run on the board. I had to scrape the coating from the run. There are two green arrows pointing to the soldering.

iRiver E100 headphone jack after repair.

There was not much room to solder but after struggling for a while and then having to re-solder one of the connections. It worked.

Here is a video of the process, I sped up a lot of it reduce the time of the video.

I also took a long walk since the weather was cooperating.