Making Games book review

Today I read a book from a humble bundle.

Making Games With JavaScript

by Christopher Pitt
I am not sure who is the target audience. He said experienced javascript programmers. This book is about 90 pages. I pretty much went through it in a few hours. The author uses codepen examples and then pulls bits of code and glosses over what has been done. Trying to follow the code from chapter to chapter was difficult. He would rewrite parts and other parts were already commented out. I think more time could have been spent on the concept of writing a plat former game. I can’t recommend this book for beginners programmers because it assumes to much about javascript and I can’t recommend this to experienced game makers because it again assumes to much. This might be okay as an intro to the pixijs engine but it may be better to go to and follow that. As someone who has dabbled in writing games it was interesting to see how he implemented some of the game mechanics, but some of it was more like “hmmm. I don’t think I would have done it that way.”

I think I may mess around with Pixijs. I had set up a folder on my server so I could try to follow along in the book that didn’t work out as it did not build on previous code but at time totally replaced it.

I also spent some time on the programming language Dart. Dart is a language developed by Google. It so far looks like another squirrelly brackets and semi-colons language like C or Java. It has its own conventions and is similar to the other languages that I should be in a constant state of confoundment.