Yesterday I worked through a tutorial on the Phaser JavaScript game framework.  I also watched a couple of more Modern Electronics lectures.

Today I decided that I would try writing a game using Phaser and the star of the game would be Fuzzawasit’s Dog Days.


So I then tried creating a sprite in a painting program which did not work out so well at the small resolution I was trying. I then switched to Inkscape.

I then wanted to test if the animation and spread of the frames was correct. I then decided to write a sprite tester. I wrote it in JavaScript and posted to my projects.


If you want to try it out enter 9 in the Number of Frames and click update. This will take the spritesheet and break it up into equal distance images.

Then you can enter the frames to animate. They begin with zero. Click the animate button to enter the animation sequence.

So to make him walk left enter 0,1,2,3 right would be 5,6,7,8  just 4 will have him face forward.

You can have him walk left then right and back by entering 0,1,2,3,0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,5,6,7,8,4

Be careful if you copy the above to not include the leading space. I intend to do more work on this and add more functionality. Also, you might have to zoom the page out to see the text boxes and buttons.