Working on Game Mechanics

I have been working on trying to get a the basics of game together. I have the main character and antagonist sprites started. I have been working on trying to get the gravity and the actions of objects to act correctly. There is an add-on called Box2D  for Phaser I could purchase for $25, but I figure I would give it a shot myself.

I have the first version with a couple of planks falling but then one of the justs sits on one corner.

Version 1 of the main screen. You can move Fuzzawasit with the arrow buttons left, right and up for jumping.

I then added code to cause the planks to rotate and move off an obstacle. This did not work the way I expected when the plank hits the ground. It must be a really heavy plank.

Version 2 of the main screen.

I created a new object ground so that it would not have the same functionality as the other obstacles.

Latest version of the main screen.

All the code is in the html doc. If you want you can just do a view source on the page.