Boop there goes the day.

I continued to set up my PC so that I can get working with the Godot game engine. I want to be able to generate code for the web and that will require the use of webassembly. I thought I could copy the old version I originally set up on my laptop but for some reason it would not completely untar. I then decided to just install. I think I followed a different tutorial this time and it wound up taking only 1GB instead of 24GB.  So if you are going to try out Emscripten on linux just follow the official site’s setup directions. I installed Godot and Shotcut.  I then decided it would be nice to have a common note taking application on the laptop and the PC. I am using Joplin on my laptop so why not use it on my PC. I had setup Joplin to sync with my dropbox folder.  I thought, all I would have to do is just point Joplin to a different folder. This folder is a NFS mount. So I pointed Joplin to it and it hit sync and it promptly removed all my notes from the application. There was no undo. I still had the notes in the dropbox folder so I made another copy. Now I had to figure out if I could get those files into Joplin again. The files looked like they were named with GUID, I could not tell what was what. For the lack of imagination I decided to check the website for Joplin. The website said I could import md(markdown) files.  I checked and I did not have the menu option for this. I then checked and found that there was a much newer version, so I downloaded that and installed it. I looked and found the option for Import-> MD Markdown(directory). When I did this everything was place in one notebook with the GUIDs as the names of the notes. After a lot of trial and error, “Boop there goes the day” I finally got Joplin to import it correctly. There is another import option Raw – Joplin Export Directory. Now I was back to where I was before I synced it into oblivion. I still wanted to get this working on two machines. After losing the notes and doubling the notes, I finally  found the correct sequence.  I started on my laptop and changed the sync option to OneDrive so that it was no longer pointing to the filesystem. I imported the Raw option. I then switched the sync back to filesystem. It now synced the notes to the target shared folder. On the PC I made sure the sync option was not pointing to the filesystem. I then closed and reopened Joplin on the PC and changed the sync option to filesystem, pointing to the shared folder and it pulled in the notebooks and notes. I then updated one of the notes on the PC synced and checked it on the laptop after syncing and it worked.

I also did a video of a toy space gun from my childhood.