Working on Godot

Yesterday I spent some time working through a tutorial on Godot and then a simple screen with a wizards that walks. I then attempted to export the wizard “game” as HTML5. I found I first needed to download the export template.  I was then able to export the game to HTML. I also found out that I did not need the emscripten environment. The little game wound up taking over 21 MB. Most of the size was due to a WASM file. The WASM is the webassembly. Now Godot supports 2D and 3D games. I think no matter what size game I create it will start at 21 MB. So today I worked on porting the Java SpaceShooter game to Godot. It takes a different way of thinking to working Godot. It is node based so you have to figure out how to break the game down to nodes and then get them to talk together. A node can access information about children nodes but siblings cannot. You have to use signals to send triggers across nodes. Adding the graphics went pretty quick. I added code to move the player and bounce off the walls. I had to figure out how to get the player sphere to point at the mouse as that is used to trigger a laser emitter. I was able to get the emitter to fire and draw a line from the sphere to the emitter object. I will next try to get the enemies on the screen. Then start coding for the blaster and collisions with the enemies.