Godot the Enemies

I added the enemies to the screen. In the world of Godot they are rigid body types. They are affected by physics. It took me a while but I was able to programmatically generate the enemies. I did have to turn off the gravity because the keep falling off the screen. I then found they would then just fly off the screen. After a some struggling I found that it is best to change this type of node using the function _integrate_forces. I was trying to detect the screen edge and then change the velocity of the nodes. This did not work the way I expected. I did notice that the enemy nodes were colliding with each other and altering their paths. I did not have this as a requirement but I do like the action. I still have a problem when a enemy pushes on another it can push it off the screen. Then the enemy hangs out just outside the view area. I also did not program the collision with the ship and laser blasts.

Here is a gif of the action right now.

I also received a new digital multimeter the TackLife DM02A. Here is video of the unboxing.