Godot and Robots

Today I worked some more on the SpaceShooter port to Godot Game Engine. I was having a problem with the enemy objects being pushed out of the screen. It dawned on me that I could use something like a rigidbody2D to hold the enemies in if I positioned the objects at the edges of the screen. Then I figured that the enemies being rigidbody2D objects would just push on the them. I then found the staticbody2D object which once place does not move. I put a 10X10 pixel staticbody2D in the middle of the screen and the rigidbody2D enemies now bounced off them. I then wrote a script to duplicate the staticbody2d all around the edge of the viewable screen. The enemies where now contained but were bunching up on the right side of the screen. I figured out that the enemies were not spawning correctly and had a bias toward a right directional movement. I corrected this and changed the damping on them and now they bounce around in an acceptable manner.

I also started a video series on building a Robot Smart Car kit from Elegoo. After the build I have an idea but that will have to wait until it is working.