Robots and CSVs

I decided to download the latest CSV file from  I still had not tested the CSV file, I had used an HTML file that I had converted to CSV when for whatever reason the site was not creating the CSV file. I spun up the GO IDE and ran a load. I have to parse the file and then do individual inserts so it can take hours to load the 370,000+ records. It worked so now I can load it on the server and have an up to date database.

What got me thinking about the dvd database go application was an article posted to HackerNews.

Falsehoods Programmers Believe About CSVs

I think I may have to write an article about and a time I worked on a project that used CSVs.

I also dug into the Arduino robot. After figuring out that the PDF and the example code did not agree I was able to get the robot to move with varying speed. Not as hard as the PDF had made it out to be.


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