Reduce load time and flip flopping

Yesterday I ran the data load for my DVD list website I wrote in Golang on what I call a server but is really just a small desktop computer. I started it in the morning and it was still running when I went to bed. I figured it would take longer since my laptop is a lot faster but I did not expect that long. Sometime in the night it had finished.  Today I decided that this was taking too long so I looked into a direct import. The database is a sqlite3. Sqlite3 does allow for importing but you cannot do it from SQL statements. The option to import is considered a dot (.) command and therefore can only be run from the sqlite3 command prompt. So I was now able to get the data to load in tens of seconds instead of tens of hours. Here is a link about the command shell for sqlite3.

I also have been watching some more of the Modern Electronics lectures and learning about flip-flop circuits.