3D Space Mouse and Firefox Extension for Facebook

Firefox Facebook Container

If you are like most people you are running the Chrome web browser or Safari since these are the default browsers on the phones. You may want to give Firefox a shot. Mozilla is focusing its attention on making Firefox a browser with privacy in mind. With the whole Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data sharing fiasco, you may be thinking of deleting Facebook. But then where would see all the posts of things that are on snopes.com? If you are concerned about what data gets gathered about you, Mozilla has created an add-on that compartmentalizes Facebook. It is easy to install and use.
Here is a link to the add-on.
You will have to be using Firefox. When you install the add-on it goes through and signs you off and deletes the Facebook cookies. The next time you go to facebook.com the tab will have a blue line under it, you will need to sign in and from then on Facebook will be contained. The cookies in this tab will not be shared with other tabs. You have probably seen the Facebook share icons all over the web. Whether or not you click the share, since the icons are provided by facebook.com they will be able to track you because they would normally have access to the facebook.com cookie. With the Firefox container there will be no link back to your account. I have been using the add-on for a few weeks now and have not had any problems. The Facebook container is a specific application of Firefox Multi-Account Containers. These containers can allow you to have two different email accounts open. For instance let say you have a business gmail account and a personal account, now you can have each one in a container and access them at the same time.

Mozilla article about cross site tracking

Mozilla article about Facebook Container


Space Mouse

I bought a new gadget, a 3DConnexion Space Mouse. It allows you to control an object in a 3D application. I plan on using it in Blender.

Here is a video of the unboxing and trying to get it to work on linux.