Where did the day go?

After me bringing up Firefox , I went to check my yahoo mail and it just returned “Bad Request”. I checked using Chrome and it worked. This told me I was dealing with something specific to Firefox.  I checked what other people did to fix the problem and most said to clear the cache and cookies. I tried that and nothing. Others said to try Firefox in Safe mode.  I tried that and it still did not work. I did notice when starting Firefox in Safe mode there was an option to refresh Firefox. I equated this with going nuclear but at this point I figured I would give it a shot. It turns out that it worked. I was now able to access my yahoo mail. Over the years I had made changes to the browser and had installed add ons. I figure at some time the add ons and then the change to use extensions instead,somewhere along the line something got borked. The nuclear option was not that bad as it was able to save a lot of my settings, including my bookmarks. I just had to sign into sites again and reinstall the extensions.

I started some more work on the robot car but figured that I should recharge the batteries.

I also decided to try some sculpture in Blender using the Space Mouse. From the dept of nothing can ever be easy the mouse would not work. I have not figured out the exact order but I was able to get it to work again.

Sculpture using Space Mouse.
Sculpture using Space Mouse with smooth shading.