VMs and where is the stylus.

One of my virtualbox images aborted today. I started it up and thought “Hey, I should update the system.” I did and it did and then it didn’t. I am guessing that I should have updated the host system first and then the guest.  I usually would wait until the end of the session and then update and by the time I started the virtualbox vm the next time I would have updated the host system. Not today, I out smarted myself. I was able to get it running by going back to a previous linux kernel. I did what I needed to do and then for some reason I still don’t understand I ran “sudo apt-get upgrade”. Looking back I probably should not have done that since I was running the previous kernel and then I could not get it to work again. But! i at least backed up the data I would need. So I am not totally insane. At this point I will need to build a new VM. This will give me the opportunity to use a 64bit linux.  So I have that to look forward to. I have already downloaded the ISO I will install. I am going to use Xubuntu (Zoobuntu) 16.04. LTS

I watched another lecture on Modern Electronics – digital counters woo hoo !

I also decided I should hook up my Wacom Bamboo on my desktop computer. This led me to going through a bunch of magazines and other stuff to try and locate the stylus. The stylus is the size of a pen maybe a little larger, but unlike a pen I can’t just use a different one. The stylus is specific to the digitizing tablet. I could easily find the tablet but not the stylus.
I did finally find the stylus and in the process found a mess of magazines I could recycle. Lucky for me pickup is tomorrow.