Blending music.

So yesterday I worked on some more ChucK programming. I added a bassline and some extended notes to the generated music.


I watched another couple lectures from Writing Great Fiction. I read some more of the DC Comics Guide to Creating Comics.

I returned to blender to work with my 3D mouse.

Here is what it looked like when I last posted.
I extended the head into a torso to show Angel how the 3D mouse works.
I added the legs including feet with toes and hand with fingers.

I am getting better at maneuvering with the 3D mouse but I am running into some limitations from the way I have it set up. I can orbit around the object but the center of the orbit is the center of the head. This limits me from getting at the object from the best angles.

I also decided that I could use and intro to my videos so I worked on a simple 3 chord chime.

Now I need to figure out a graphic to go with it.