Wemos Blues.

D1 on the left, relay shield on the right.

Today, I thought I would take about an hour and set up a Wemos to be controlled by the Amazon Echo. That’s not how it turned out. I ran into problems following a youtube video where the guy left out a very important part of installing the board in the Arduino IDE. Once I got the Arduino set up figured out then I ran into problems getting the Echo to discover the Wemos D1 mini. I decided to back track and test that the  main board worked by loading a blink program.  The LED I set up in the D4 and ground worked. I then verified that the WIFI was working by running some code that allowed you to turn on and off the LED via a web page. I then used my multi-meter to check the continuity and voltage outputs of the pins involved. It checked out. I then hooked up the relay shield to the D1 and loaded a program that would turn on and off the relay. This worked also.

Wemos with Relay Board installed.

After some searching the web I found a post of someone who was able to get the Echo to discover the D1 by down grading the packages for the board and Fauxmo. I did this and the Echo was able to find the device but it would not control it. It would report the plug off,then on and after a second it would report it off. I say report because the relay was not being triggered. I figure I have to mess with the pin outs, but decided to call it quits for the day.

I watched another Great Courses, Writing Great Fiction lecture and read some more in the DC Guide to Creating Comics.