The Ides of May

I did some more ChucK programming. I added a function to run a couple of sin waves with reverb and an ASDR envelope.

I was able to get my phone service switched to MintMobile. It won’t save me much money but it does give me unlimited talk, text and 2GB of data for about $15 a month (more with tax).  If you are looking for a reasonable plan they have additional one for $20 for 5GB and $25 for 10GB. It is a prepaid plan, you have to order a sim card.

I watched another Great Courses – Writing Great Fiction lecture. The next lecture is going to cover the short story “The Dead” by James Joyce. I am currently reading it and will have to complete it before the lecture as the lecturer does on occasion have no qualms on spoilers.

I finished The DC Comic Guide to Creating Comics – Inside the Art of Visual Storytelling. By Carl Potts. This book is aimed at people wanting to create comics. I found the writing style to be off putting. I think the author needed to concentrate on the reader and turn the narrative to a conversational style this would have helped bring the reader (me) in. Another problem I has was that it seemed to be an advertisement to buy the other books in the series. If they all cost the same that would be a small fortune. The best part of the book was the last chapter twelve. This chapter the author along with 3 other artists took a single page narrative script and turned it into 3 pages of a comic. Seeing four different takes on the same script was very interesting.

I do think that if you have a choice then “How to draw comics the Marvel Way” is better and does not use a bunch of clip art for illustrations of different techniques, plus it is Stan Lee and Steve Buscema. The only thing better is watching the video.