Snowballs in the Spring

The featured photo today is a Snowball bush. It is a bother to cut the grass around but my mom liked it.

I continued the “Python Artificial Intelligence Projects for Beginners” that I got from a Humble Bundle. This covered Word2vec which uses a neural network model to look at each word in a document then using the surrounding words to create a “context” for that word. This allows for determining how similar words are to each other. The example code used Doc2Vec a version of Word2vec that uses a document directly. Right off the bat the code uses a 1.5 GB file, no source info other than the name. There was another data source I had to track down, all other sources were sited. I found a bug in the code concerning a regular expression. It was supposed to remove apostrophes but wound up removing the preceding and following characters. This could turn “man’s” into “ma”. When I typed in the text handling function, I ran a test and that’s when I discovered the bug. This could turn “man’s” into “ma”.  I am not sure what impact it had because the numbers I got from the processing was close. So two videos totally about 13 minutes took me several hours.

I printed three more brackets for the light.

Watched Great Courses – writing Great Fiction.