Jumping Rabbits

Synfig Studio

Today I decided to work on the 2D animation software Synfig Studio.

This is free open source package. I purchased a small tutorial (trying to support them) from Synfig. I have completed the first 4 videos. I decided to do my own animation so I created a video of a rabbit I drew and then cut up to make the parts for animation.

I then used what I learned from the tutorial so far to create this sequence.

You can see on the sides where the black line separates from the body. I will need to get better at cutting up the character and making the seems correctly.

Promises Promises

I did get side tracked into javascript land. I came across this series of videos on a youtube channed I subscribe. This cover the object called a Promise.  The channel is called The Coding Train. There are two main videos and a prereq if you are not familiar with the arrow function in javascript ( I was not).

Youtube videos a little over an hour in total.

Arrow Functions

Promises Part 1

Promises Part 2


I watched another Great Courses – Writing Great Fiction.